Zope AddressBook


The Zope Address Book is a simple and intuitive product for managing contacts. It's so intuitive that no documentation except about permissions is needed (ok, that's the plan, anyway. If something's not perfectly intuitive, let us know via Feature Request or Bug Tracker). It will feature importing and exporting of contacts (first step is Outlook files).

The released version supports a virtually unlimited number of email addresses per contact, with user-defined labels. The CVS version also supports a virtually unlimited number of mailing addresses and phone numbers per contact, with the same user-defined labels.

Contacts, emails, addresses, and phone numbers can be managed from the AddressBook's web interface, or from Zope's internal management interface.

Screenshots (from CVS version)

Contacts Index

Contact Information

Adding a new Address for a Contact

Zope Management Interface for Contact


Portions of the codebase depend on Warp Framework and ThreadSafeCounter

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